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CHAMPVA Supplemental Insurance Plan | Rates

Economical Premiums To Fit Your Budget

The CHAMPVA deductible is applied to the first medical or pharmacy claims processed until the deductible is met.

  • Annual CHAMPVA Deductible is $50 per beneficiary or a maximum of $100 per family per year.
  • Annual Supplement Deductible is $250 per beneficiary or a maximum of $500 per family per year.
Age of Spouse, Widow/erMonthlyQuarterlySemi-AnnualAnnual
Under 40$32.04$96.12$192.24$384.48
40 - 44$35.60$106.80$213.60$427.20
45 - 49$40.94$122.82$245.64$491.28
50 - 54$52.51$157.53$315.06$630.12
55 - 59$62.30$186.90$373.80$747.60
60 - 64$74.76$224.28$448.56$897.12
Each Child$24.92$74.76$149.52$299.04

Premiums illustrated are Per Person. Includes first year discount of 11%.

Important Notice

This coverage is available to GEA members and their dependents only. If you are not a member of GEA, it is easy to become one. A membership application is included with the CHAMPVA SUPPLEMENT Enrollment Form.

Pre-Existing Conditions Limitation

Any injury or sickness whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, for which a covered person received medical care or treatment within the 6 month period preceding the effective date of his or her insurance will not be covered until the coverage has been in effect for 6 months. However, new conditions will be covered immediately.


The Plan is currently not available in CO, ME, NH, NY, OR, UT, WA.

  • The Corporate Plan Sponsor: Government Employee Association (GEA)
  • Plan Administer: Selman and Company
  • Underwritten by: Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY (NY residents only)
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